Southern Realism Art | Johnny Guthrie

About Johnny

Johnny is a watercolor artist working with gouache design colors. After being in the family owned hardware business for forty years, he has turned much of the business over to his three sons. He now has time to use his God-given gift of creating images on paper and canvas.

Being born and raised in middle Tennessee has given him the opportunity to paint wonderfulweb3 scenes. He prefers riding the back roads that have creeks, ponds, and shady lanes, old barbed wire fence rows full of blackberry and honeysuckle vines. He loves to find beautiful scenes in old homes, barns and farms with country settings that tell a story of old. He believes the early 1900 architecture of skilled craftsman is practically gone. The rustic white oak pole barns that were wrapped with massive oaks, chestnut and poplar boards are still standing.

He and his wife must get their coastal and mountain “fix” as often as possible and the four seasons that they experience in Middle Tennessee all give him inspiration. He truly loves the Christmas season; therefore those scenes find their way to his studio quite often. You may have been fortunate to receive a Christmas card study from him that might become a painting.

It has been said that “when a very old person dies, a library closes its doors”.

Johnny studies and appreciates many artists. Among his favorites are Andrew Wyeth, Bob Timberlake, Ray Hendershot, Robert Tino, G. Webb, and Paul Murray.

His mentor and great friend is Marion Cook, a Nashville native. Cook is the greatest fine artist he has had the privilege of knowing. He taught him to paint with emotion. He told him “If you can’t feel the heat or cold, hear the crickets or smell the cows, then you have missed the mark. You need to study his work from near to far and watch the painting change. His work is done mostly with the gouache medium as it works well for opaque or transparency. He loves to layer thin transparencies of color to reach his goals. He has a passion for the realistic look in his paintings. His work hangs in corporate and private art collections across the country.

Johnny says “I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.”

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